I was very lucky and received the 'beautiful leaves' poster as a gift
from one of my close friends. Both posters now hang side-by-side
in my living room. Truly lovely! Molly

Thank you so much for your note... I'm always glad to share
great feedback! There is nothing else out there like the books that
you make, They're fantastic! Scott, New York NY

I've long coveted your journey and pocket books. They are a paper
lover's dream. i have one little robin's egg pocket book that I
bought from you years ago. It sits still wrapped up in a basket
amongst my collection of notebooks... all too pretty/cool/special
to use! Jamaica, USA

Thank you so much for your package (I miss you mail set and
2 +30 card packs). I am so thankful that there are people like
you who make such wonderful and useful things because I love to
use recycled products. I have already started writing on the cards
and I will order more in order to fill the file. I do hope so very
much that you will make them (the files) again. I haven't got one
yet but you see, I am optimistic and the written on cards are
waiting to get a place where I can put them. I also want to thank
you for a wonderful blog where you allow the world to take part in
your life. What impresses me enormously is your tidyness and
looking at the wonderful pictures of your studio makes me try to
keep my papers and other stuff as nicely stored away. You have
enriched my life and I want to say THANK YOU for that!!
Beate, Germany

I purchased an address file from you several years ago and
admire it every day on my desk. I just happened to be looking
at my new issue of MS Weddings and saw your lovely address
file featured in a unique way...as a "guest book"...so cute!
Maria, Washington DC

I just wanted to let you know that I received the address file and
I LOVE IT. It looks beautiful on my desk and although I haven't
had a chance to move business cards into, I'm itching to do so.
Thank you so much for making and selling me one. It's as
beautiful as I thought it would be and the years I coveted it were
well worth it. Yen, New York NY

January, 2007

Perfect! I absolutely love everything (red pocket book, paper
sampler, and +30 card pack) I received and the packaging is
impeccable. You do a gorgeous job and I will definitely be
ordering more things from you in the future. Erin, Beverly MA

Thank you!!! Everything (walnut address file, +30 card packs,
and paper samplers) arrived and were totally worth the wait! I
LOVE them! thank you so much, Angela, Los Angeles CA

So I arrived home last week and was so happy to find the robin's
egg blue Journey Book waiting for me. It's absolutely adorable
and I love the little envelopes and stamps you included! Where
do you find the stamps? I see there is one from Pakistan! Crazy!
Awesome! I've already started using it. From perusing your site,
I think you mentioned in some article or description or something,
that people are sometimes afraid to use it because the pages are
too pretty. Well, I can certainly see where they are coming from!
Cheers, Cathay, East Lyme CT

I just want to tell you again how well received the robin's egg
blue journey book was. I showed it to many folks before actually
gifting it and I would like to order more. I hope you are well and
know your work is much appreciated. Colleen, Wilmington DE

December, 2006

THANK YOU very very much for the superlovely i miss you mail
set!!! It arrived yesterday and i'm very happy with it!
Anja, The Netherlands

My sister called over the weekend to let me know she received
the address file box and papers from your studio. She is thrilled!
Thank you to you and your father. You must be working like
Santa's elves to get all the orders filled. Janet, New Hope PA

I just wanted to let you know that I got the clover pocket book
and it's beautiful. I think my friend is going to love it. Thanks
so much for sending it out as quickly as you did. Happy holidays!
Meghan, Seattle WA

I got my maple address file, and it's beautiful! Thanks!
Nancy, St. Paul MN

I just wanted to let you know I received my journals! I love
them. Thanks again, Sara, Portland OR

Just got my maple wood address file today and its beautiful,
thank you so much! Vanessa, Sanerville MA

November, 2006

I received my paper sampler - everything is SO CUTE! I LOVED
the "lovely" sticker with my name on it. THANKS!
Jeanee, Kansas City MO

I just received the notebook. it's too cute to write in it, i'll just
put it near my other books. Thanks a lot! Lauriane, Pantin France

I've received my paper sampler and i miss you mail set. I love
your stuff! Make more! I'm making gifts for the holidays. Thank
you so much. Kathryn, Holland MI

I received my maple address file yesterday. It is beautiful,
Thank you! Kristy, Maple Grove MN

I received my address file and +30 card pack in the mail today.
Thank you very much. I love it... And well worth the wait!
Gayna, Newtown Australia

I received my address file today and its divine! Thanks so much
for sharing your artistry. Melinda, Marionville MO

October, 2006

My package arrived yesterday! I am so delighted by the file
cards and paper sampler! Thank you so much! Erin, Portland OR

I just wanted to drop you a note and say I love my new "Pocket"
books. They just came in the mail today. I can't wait to go on a
trip, so i can use one! Thanks! Lisa, San Francisco CA

Thank you very much! The paper sampler is here and I love it.
I like all the papers, they are so inspiring!! Natascha, Madrid

I want to tell you how much I love my address file. It is just
perfect. If your dad makes these I think he is really with it! And
so are you for selling them. The little file cards are such a great
addition. I really thank you and want you to know I love it. It's
great in my little office. Cathi, Oak Brook IL

Everything arrived in 4 days! My wife was ecstatic when she saw
her new address file box. It's beautiful, and well worth the wait.
Thank you so much! Simon, Marysville WA

I've just received my little parcel from you with the journey
book and the address file. What a beautiful 'eye' you have, it's
too, too gorgeous and the journal in particular full of splendid
discoveries. I shall be ordering a few more travel journals just as
soon as I can get some work out of the way and go to the website
again. Thanks so much! Kaz, Melobourne

I love my address index file... It was definitely worth the wait! I
will be spending my evening transferring my addresses tonight! I
will stay in touch with you as I would love to get a couple of your
pine cone prints... Vivian, Vancouver BC

I just wanted to compliment you on the gorgeous products that
you sent me. You have a true talent for what you do. Keep up all
the hard work - it's great to benefit from it and see a beautiful
way to contribute to our world. Kelsi, Georgetown KY

I received the wonderful address file and cards. I am planning
to use use it for a scrapbook project that I saw in one of the
scrapbooking magazines. It is wonderful. Thank you for making
such a quality item! Jackie, Antioch CA

September, 2006

I got my I Miss You mail set today and it's absolutely wonderful!
Refined, well-made and really cute!!!!! Thanks a lot for the
smashing stamps on the envelope! You'll hear again from me!
Stefania, Italy

The pinecone books arrived exactly when you said they would,
Wednesday morning. Thank you, the books are beautiful. They
are works of art, sort of like an interactive ongoing project - they
will evolve as they are filled. It would be neat to see how people
use them - as keepsakes, for practical reasons, for thoughts, for
lists, etc. Will they stay in drawers or be displayed, or will they
fade and get frayed with time depending on theur use? Thanks
again! Helene, Oakville ON

I got the address file two days ago. It's EVEN MORE wonderful
than I imagined. Amazing! Well worth the wait. Thanks a ton, my
wife loved it! Walter, Lackawanna TX

I've received my order! Thank you sooo much! I love it all -
especially the pocket books! I am a paper junkie, so I will love
filling up those books with stuff! Your service was friendly and
the products were definitely worth waiting for! I love handmade
items... will check your website for new products.
Penny, Roswell GA

The rest of my order arrived early last week. I love everything,
especially the address file. The new wood smells so good that I
am keeping the wrapper on it until I can start putting my cards in
the box. Your father does such beautiful work. It is truly a piece
of art on my desk - and will motivate me to keep my desk clean!
I love that it is numbered. I'm going to type address on clear
labels then put those on the colored cards. My handwriting is too
illegible to put on such pretty papers. Continue with the good
work. Thanks from a new fan, Mary Ann, Newport Beach CA

I've just received my red pocket book and its fantastic! It's so
beautiful to look through and i can't wait to start using it! It was
definitely worth the wait! Thanks so much! Deb, Menifee CA

I just got my "address file", journey book, and paper sampler,
and I am enthralled! Thank you!! I will show off and order often!
Anne, Decherd TX

The file came and I LOVE IT!! Its really lovely - a "Lovely Design".
Thank you so much. It was great doing business with you.
Cathi, Oak Brook IL

August, 2006

Thank you! I have one of your address files (i've had it for two
years now) and I always get compliments! I am sending another
for a friend's xmas pressie. She will LOVE it! Thanks for making
such beautiful things. Melanie, Jupiter FL

I received my black walnut address file today and it is so
beautiful. I showed it to everyone at my office. Thank you so
much for making such an amazing product. I will enjoy it!
Thanks! Kim, Newport Beach CA

I just recieved my paper sampler and +30 card pack, and just
wanted to let you know what a delight it was to open. I've been
making some small photo books to give to friends (and for the
fun of making them) and am so excited to get paisting. Keep up
the lovelyness! Lisa, Jacksonville NC

I've just picked up my package, and the address file is beautiful.
The papers are gorgeous! Thanks so much, Eve, Delray Beach FL

I recently received my 'i miss you mail set' and 'take me too
book' and I just had to let you know how much I love them... I
don't really remember how I found your website but I'm so glad
that I did. The products that you are selling are beautiful and
even more gorgeous in real life! Thank you for making these
gorgeous products and keep up the good work!
Jeannette, The Netherlands

I received my two journey books already this morning. They
are beautiful! The craftsmanship is gorgeous. One of them is a
gift for a friend that I am traveling with - I know she will be
thrilled. Thank you so much! Jennifer, Vancouver BC

Well done to Canada Air Post - the note book arrived today (in
7 days) - I think thats very impressive reults to the other side
of the world. And the pocket notebook is just beautiful - I'm
hoping it will make the ideal present for a friend who is just
about to jet off to the states for a holiday - and she can keep
tabs on her trip in it. Thank you again! Joanne, Australia

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I absolutely
love my far away mail box and I miss you mail set! They make
me feel wonderful...love your style and your stuff. Thank you!
Melody, Lake Tahoe CA

The postal service was fast - I received my journey book today.
I am absolutely in love with it! It is so imaginative and so well
made. The variety of paper is amazing, and I love the envelopes,
the surprises in a couple of them and the library envelope in the
back. Even your mailing label is stunning! Now I can't wait to get
the rest of my order. Mary Ann, Newport Beach CA

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! My pocket book is so precious I can't
even stand looking at it. I had no idea there would be little
pockets as pages. When I travel I like to hold on to ticket stubs
and make notes on my photos and this notebook is exactly what
I need. It is beautifully bound and just the perfect size. I'd write
more but I'm too busy running around showing it to everyone at
work. Thank you so much! Lori, Wellesley MA

I ordered a maple address file for myself and LOVE LOVE LOVE
it... so I am doing the same for my sister's birthday (which is in
a week and now I see how late this will be... but worth the wait).
Thanks! Gianna, Dallas TX

July, 2006

I've just received my two black walnut address files today.
They are the loveliest things that I have ever seen! Thank you,
thank you! Elyse, San Francisco CA

Got all of my goodies the other day. I love everything!!! Thanks
a bunch and keep on creating! Kimla, Lewisville TX

What a lovely surprise when I made it home last night my
order was here and I love all of it!! I am already thinking to
place another order for more journals! Thank you it was worth
the wait!!!!!! I love it all! Kimberly, Wilton CT

I just received my first order from you (this is my second) -
and I have to say it is all very lovely indeed! Thanks so much!
Holly, Brooklyn NY

I just wanted to write and tell you that the journey book got
here a few days ago and it's fantastic! Thanks so much for the
rush delivery!! Jenn, Edmonton AB

I wanted to let you know I did recieve my order, I love it!
Thank you so much! Helen, Philadelphia PA

June, 2006

I received the order and have just one tiny problem... Your
products are so beautiful that we don't want to open them! I
had a hard time even ripping the "lovely" sticker... Thank you
so much, we love your work! We are more than pleased.
Ruth, Mill Valley CA

I just have to say, I LOVE my pinecone poster, thank you so
much!! Karen, Miami FL

My order was well worth the wait, I love it all! Thanks for the
extra "thank you" tags, too. Frieda, Nashville TN

I received my order (the address file, some extra cards for it +
the little bits of paper) last week, + it is all beautiful! The color
combinations, the craft, everything... i love it! and, the walnut
card holder that your dad made is so nicely done as well. Your
stuff is really top notch! i am telling everyone I know about it!
Well, thanks so much for the sweet lil'package of goodies. And,
the bonus tags you dropped in there! Sarah, Portland, OR

I received my lovely design pocket book today & was so excited.
I can't believe the details that went in to every element of the
book & packaging. As soon as I spied the package in the mail I
knew it was my book. I read that there were envelopes bound
among the pages, but I didn't realize that they would have little
surprises in them too. Thanks for making my day more lovely!
Courtney, Charlotte NC

I am in love with my robins egg Journey Book. It made my
heart palpitate as I looked through it the first time... I had to
take a deep breath! Thank you. Lovely indeed...
Camille, Rhome TX

I'm a return customer and can't wait to see more of your
products! Great gifts for almost any occasion... Thanks!
Danielle, Lake Villa IL

I've received my little bits making kit - Thank you so much!
There was a great selection of papers and I look forward to
including them in my art and in my projects...
Seth, New York NY

My parcel arrived today - thank you! The pocket book is
gorgeous (almost to good to write in), and the paper samples
are great. I'm already making plans for next order - Thanks!
Brigitte, Wellington New Zealand

My maple wood address file arrived today and I absolutely
love it! It looks great in my studio and instead of getting on
with all the work I have been adding my contacts to the file
and looking at it constantly admiring how good it looks. It is
such a fantastic product... thanks again! Liz, London UK

I've just received my first order! It was a small order with a
paper sampler and +30 card pack, but I love it so much. I've
loved paper since i was a child and lost most of my prior
collection in a move. I'm glad to add this to my new "stash".
Cannot wait to order from you again! Kathi, Waipahu HI

I ordered an address file from you a few months ago - which
I love, by the way - so your name caught my eye as I was
browsing through the latest issue of Domino magazine. I just
wanted to say congrats on the press; makes me happy to see
a great company (of one, nontheless!) get some well-deserved
attention! Emma, Glenwood Springs CO

My 2 pinecone posters arrived yesterday in perfect condition
thanks to your excellent packaging. When visiting my sister a
few weeks ago, she showed me her print that she purchased
from you and I had to have one for me, as well as give one as
a gift to my friend who I travel to Canada with each year (once
I get it framed). It was a pleasure doing business with you!
Barbara, Chicago IL

May, 2006

My Lovely order arrived today. I wanted to write you to let you
know that the shipping was extra speedy, which is always a
good thing. Also I wanted you to know how much I love my
address file and the pocket book. I barely want to use them
because of their wonderfulness right this second. I'm certain
that feeling is only temporary and I'll use both items (and the
tags) with great joy. Thank you! Catie, San Jose CA

I've just received my paper sampler & it is indeed lovely. The
little pieces can't wait to become something pretty! Thank you!
Alison, Pheonix AZ

I've just received my clementine journey book and I love it!
Thank you! Sara, San Francisco CA

I received my paper sampler on wednesday and it really was
lovely! The addition of the tags was a nice touch. Thanks so
much! Crissy, Vancouver BC

Thank you so much! Its always such a pleasure to order from
you. I absolutely love your website, its so clean and refreshing.
keep up the good work! Lisa, Los Angeles CA

Thank you so much for the black walnut card file. I love it, and
everyone at my office admires it. It looks great on my desk,
and it really brightens up my office. Thank you so much for
creating a pretty alternative to the rolodex! Also, thank you for
being so accommodating when I placed my order. I really
appreciate your sending me a black walnut card file before they
were officially offered on the website. Pamela, New York NY

Thankyou so much! I love my vintage map stationery (i miss
you mail set). It will be perfect for writing to my boyfriend when
I get back home to Australia! Jessica, Sydney Australia

I have to tell you... I opened my box as soon as I got my mail
and I was so amazed!!!! Your rolodex and handmade books
are absolutely incredible! The most amazing part is that I live
in Vancouver, WA... right across the river from Portland, OR
and the inside paper of your book was an old map of Portland!
Crazy cool! You rock and thanks again for such beautiful
treasures...my heart is happy! Anne, Vancouver WA

I've just received the box of stuff I ordered for my friend's
wedding and it's even more beautiful than it looked on your
website. Amazing! Splendid! Spectacular! Many thanks...
Janet, Los Angeles CA

April, 2006

I was lucky enough to receive a set of your map stationary
as a Christmas gift from a dear friend. I am a printed matter
junkie, so you can imagine my delight at holding something
so unique. Thankyou! Cristina, Miami FL

Thank you Sharilyn. The birthday journey book came just in
time and was a big hit with my sister! Evan, New York NY

I've just received the "maple address file" and I L O V E it. It
is truly beautiful, even more than yours (and others) pictures
online. I'm very happy with it and with the little gift tags you
included. Thank you so much. Patricia, The Netherlands

I received my small take me too! book, and it's fantastic.
Thank you! Erin, Windsor ON

March, 2006

My sister loves the address file that was her birthday gift. But
of course, that doesn't surprise me. After all, how could she
not? Thanks! Leslie, Palo Alto CA

It's here! Thanks so much for the goodies. The address file is
perfect! I love it so much. Ana, Portugal

Just wanted you to know I received my order last night and
my frosting pink journey book is fantastic! Your work is so
inspiring... thanks! Mary, Linclon NE

Just to let you know that I picked up my beautiful conifers of
canada poster from the post office this morning. Thank you!
It's great. Sarah, London UK

I was so pleased with my beautiful conifers of canada poster
that I bought for myself before christmas that I decided to get
one for my good friend as a housewarming present. They are
lovely indeed. Molly, Cambridge ON

I received my package yesterday. I love my journey book! It
is so much more than I expected. Cute and unique with great
quality! Thanks! Danielle, Lake Villa IL

I love my roledex, I am so glad to have it. I have already got
it all filled out with all the contacts I have - they are all "typed"
in with a old typewriter! It seems to add to the charm. I really
appreciate all your help to my husband in making it such a
great suprise! Mary Emma, Dallas TX

Thank you so much for my "i miss you mail set" It is beautiful
in every way! Michelle, Jacksonville FL

February, 2006

Wow, this (black walnut address file) is beautiful! I think I need
to get one for my girlfriend... Thanks so much, the file is really
stunning. And finally, I'll have my business cards organized!
Joseph, Seattle WA

I haven't had the opportunity to say how much I loved my
orders. Especially the (i miss you) envelopes that are precious.
Thank you very much - I'll pass by your site very often.
Susana, Portugal

First of all thank you so much for really 'lovely' products. When
I opened the envelope I was like so touched by real products.
And about the envelope set and Little bits, it really make me
feel warm. Your products can make the customers feel like
wandering in memories and old town where I grew up. There
is even Korea on one of the envelopes. How thoughtful :) I can
keep this happy mind for a while. Thank you, and Good luck.
Hyunmi, Korea

Thankyou! The Take Me Too! book is just as stunning as I
imagined it to be. b e a u t i f u l! May you be as blessed as
you are a blessing to others through your art. Hanne, Norway

I received my address file today, and I absolutely love it. Much
cuter than I expected. Thank you! Kimberly, Binghampton NY

January, 2006

I just wanted to say that I was so very, very pleased with my
first order that I received just before Christmas. Opening the
'little bits' with my children was like opening a little treasure
box of far away lands and forgotten eras. Allen, Ottawa ON

Thank you so much for the lovely Pinecones Poster which
arrived today. The print is gorgeous and it's wonderful to have
such a beautiful piece of art hanging up in the flat to remind
me of back home in Canada. Keep up the inspiring work.
Laura, London UK

The journey book arrived today, safe and wonderful! It is
very cool. You did a great job! My husband is going to love it.
The papers are great! I can't believe the variety and I love
how you put vellum pages in front of the graph pages. The
little envelopes interspersed are just begging to be filled and
the stamps in the first one is a great touch. The library pocket
and card at the back are very nostagic. And thanks for the little
packet of tags - what a nice touch! You really do a great job!
Thank you so much for sending it after the first one was lost.
Karen, Herndon VA

Just wanted you to know that my cousin LOVED the journey
book - so much, in fact, that her mom (my aunt) just ordered
one from you so that she could have her own.
Jane, Vernon Hills IL

I received my i miss you mail set today & I am thrilled with it!
Thanks! Annette, Vancouver BC

I gave the address file to my daughter for Christmas. She
was thrilled with it, as I knew she would be, since she
already owns some of your other products. They are well
made and handsome which are features that impress her as
she is a graphic designer. You'll probably hear from me come
next Christmas! Gale, Wausau WI

December, 2005

I love my new Pocket Book. Not only is it gorgeous, but it
feels like it was made especially for me. I have carefully
paged through the book several times, just enjoying the
variety of papers and thinking about how I might use it...
Thanks again, Beth, Citrus Heights CA

Many thanks for the journey book and 'far away' writing set.
My girlfriend LOVED the writing set and old maps and has sent
a couple of letters to her grandma in Australia already! My
sister also really loved the journey book and the unique-ness
of the envelopes, sections and paper used to make it - she is
into scrap-booking in a big way and now she is off overseas
and is going to use it to help document the life journey. Both
their faces on Christmas day were a treat - so thanks for
giving them so much pleasure! Steve, United Kingdom

Just to let you know that the package arrived last week - I
love everything. The pocket journal and chilly nights cards
are beautiful and I'm looking forward to making some cards
and collages with the papers and the litte bits. Thanks for the
extras too! Ilona, United Kingdom

Just received my pocket books and address file. They are
fantastic! Contemplating on whether or not to actually give
them away... thankyou for all the little extras as well!
Carol, Los Angeles CA

November, 2005

I received a beautiful package in the mail today from a
friend of mine - he ordered a "lovely" gift for me, from you.
Thank you so much... I finally own one of your gorgeous
creations. Alison, Toronto ON

Thanks! My little (pocket) book is beautiful! I can't wait to
start creating in it. Kristin, Jacksonville NC

I just received my package and wanted to tell you how
beautiful everything is. Your products are so wonderfully
designed, I cannot wait to share with my friends (who will
undoubtedly be jealous). Keep up the beautiful work!
Deanna, New York NY

I purchased one of your books for my wife for our first
anniversary and she LOVED it! She's started using it to keep
notes from our worldly travels together. Perfectly appropriate
for the types of paper inside. Thanks! Christian, Vancouver BC

I just wanted you to know that my order arrived today! Thank
you so much - the journey book is lovely, and will make a
lovely Christmas gift. Jane, Vernon Hills IL

I LOVE my pocket notebook you sent me - it's just fantastic...
I love the little inserts, too -like the stamps -and the various
kinds of paper - just wonderful. I'm going to place another
order and have you send one of the pocket notebooks to my
friend. Thanks again - great work! Bob, Lindenhurst IL

The address file arrived and is great....love the detail you've
put into it...thanks! Jeanne, St Paul MN

Thank you so much for the address file - I LOVE IT!! It's so
beautifully simple, clean and fresh yet so stylish. I'm glad I
have found your work as it is so inspiring...
Yvonne, The Netherlands

October, 2005

My order arrived over the weekend, so I found it on my desk
when I came into work this morning. I am so in awe of the
beautiful craftsmanship. The book was like a beautiful little
exhibit of curated papers and the address file is perfection.
I can't wait to put them both to use. Thank you so much.
Robert, Los Angeles CA

Just to let you know, my address file is one of my most
beloved objects and makes me happy each and every day.
Your pieces are so, well, lovely. Alexis, Brooklyn NY

I ordered a few Journey books several months ago and was
taken back by the beauty and craft of your books. I've hardly
etched anything in them since I've gotten them just because
I want to preserve them and save them for something more
than "normal" sketchbook musings, like notes or small off-
hand doodles. Thanks very much! Ohn, Chicago IL

September, 2005

Just a note to say I received my order and am impressed with
your products. Beautiful stuff! Gloria, Royal Oak MI

I received my order in the mail on saturday, and once again,
I'm totally in love and impressed! You have exquisite taste
and aesthetics, I really admire them. Beautiful work - thank
you so much!! Stella, New York NY

Just to let you know I received the groovy rolodex in perfect
condition. It is GORGEOUS. Thank you for sending the parcel
as a "gift", it made all the difference. I love your products and
will no doubt be ordering more from you soon! Kind regards
from rainy London, Alejandra, London UK

I've received the package (a journey book and little bits) It's
going to be a problem here - They're too beautiful so I will
not be able to use them! But thanks anyway! Camilla, Sweden

August, 2005

Just wanted to say that I LOVE the address file I just received.
It seems like it's gotten a lot of press recently and I think it's
completely deserved. Not only is the address file beautiful but
so well-constructed. I also appreciated the attention to details
like your gorgeous shipping labels and the thank you card
slipped in the box. Thanks very much! Mina, Brooklyn NY

What a beautiful (take me too) journal! I love it and it came
the day after you sent the shipping notification - boy that's
fast! Thank you! Carrie, Calgary AB

I just received my "Take Me Too" small notebook today and
I LOVE it! So much so, that I think I have to buy at least
one more (for myself... or maybe to give as a gift). It's
spectacular! Thank you! Anh-Minh, Cupertino CA

My poster came today, and it is so beautiful! I am thrilled
to have it. And lovely packing job. It's so nice to have that
attention to detail. I revisted your site the other day, and
saw that you had added several new products, all just as
beautiful. Love your work, keep those creative juices
flowing! Thank You! Sarah, Calgary AB

Just to say, everything got here and it's perfect, really nice
stuff. Many thanks! I may have to order more for everyone
I know for Christmas. Many thanks, Russell, London UK

I recently received my amazingly-beautiful file and extra
cards and I absolutely love it. People have come into my
office and admired it repeatedly and I've only had it a few
days. There is something so fun about wanting to write down
an address and not knowing which card you'll pull out next.
Thank you so much!! Erin, New York NY

July, 2005

I just wanted to let you know how much I loved my recent
purchase; so much so that I felt compelled to order another
one of your pocket journals. Your products are truly "lovely"!
Jennifer, Silver Spring MD

The only feedback I can give is I want more Lovely design
products!!! Josh, Portland ME

I just wanted to say the rolodex is so wonderful, fun and
unique. It arrived yesterday and looks great on my desk -
you are so creative and I look forward to buying more things
in the future from lovelydesign! Keep me posted on your
creations! Thank you again. Maria, Sterling VA

My Beautiful Conifers of Canada poster is fantastic and
wonderful. I'm having it framed. Thanks! Lorelei, Brooklyn NY

I had purchased a wonderful pocket book from you a while
back and use it all the time. I just love it... Thanks! Lisa,
Berkeley CA

June, 2005

I received my journey book last week...and it's fabulous. I
just wanted to thank you cause it totally made my day! I'll be
back! Rusty, North Vancouver BC

I LOVE my journey book. It feels so personal - the Brooklyn
map in the front, which doesn't have my current home on it
but does have my last two, and the New Mexico map inside
the back cover, which is where my brother lives. I am looking
forward to filling the insides. Thanks again! It's a great little
book. Erin, Brooklyn NY

I received my package today from you. Everything is so
beautiful, from your address label, to your Thank You card,
to the beautiful packaging -- and of course, the lovely book
and cards! I am in the retail business and know the thought,
care and time that must have gone into it all! Thanks loads,
Bonnie, Chicago IL

May, 2005

Just wanted to let you know we received our 'beautiful conifers
of canada' poster today and it is gorgeous and wonderful and
great! thanks so much, Mel, Vancouver BC

I got my journal book in the mail this week and I super love
it! It is so nicely made and all the paper is incredible and
suprising and each page is so unique. I am really amazed at
the variety of paper in the book. What a wonderful thing you
are doing! It's really impressive. I'm so glad I found your
creations. JoEllen, Minneapolis MN

Thanks so much, I recieved my poster and it is now residing
in a place of honor. It's beautiful. Lara, St Paul MN

I'm writing you because I've just received my order. Wow, the
cards and letter set are wonderful, looks even better than in
the photos ;) A very nice and fast service, I'd definitely
recommend it. thank-you! Giovanna, Italy

April, 2005

I recieved my lovelydesign +30 card pack today, they're
absolutely gorgeous! Sandra, Camden UK

I received my book (a couple of weeks ago now) and I'm am
in love with it! Your work is amazing and I love the fact that
it is a beautiful object which is also useful -- so it will feel
like a collaboration. That is when I figure out what is worthy
to be put in it... Marika, Durham NC

Just a note to let you know I am very pleased with my "pocket
book", it is indeed lovely. I have just entered a favorite poem
and other items I wanted to keep close. Its is really fun to
find just the right page to place those gems... I will be back!
Thanks again. Joan, Salem OR

Thank you so much. I received the rolodex today. I love it,
and so does my family! Lisa, Spokane WA

March, 2005

just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I
received a green journey book today and its *beautiful*! I
really really great work. I hardly even want to write in it as
its so gorgeous as is! (and I loooooove the little envelopes)
thanks so much! Teresa, Portland OR

I just wanted to confirm that I received the journey journal
yesterday. I love it! Thank you again. Estelle, Germany

February, 2005

My new address file just arrived! What a great product. I
saw it originally in the February 2004 issue of Real Simple
and thought about it all year long. Finally in December I just
decided to order it! Thank you for making my day! Natalia,
Mountain View CA

I love the design and uniqueness. My address file will be great
in my home or work office. Can't decide which yet... Diane,
Boalsburg PA

just got the "conifiers of canada" note-book i love it! thanks
so much for sending it along. your craftsmanship is unbeatable.
thanks! Stu, New York NY

I just received my order of the Miss You mail set and 30 card
pack. They are just Wonderful! Your presentation/packaging is
so cool and the products are top notch. I am eyeing the pocket
book and pinecone poster now. Keep up the great work! Cindy,
Hershey, PA

I received my pocket notebook yesterday and just adore it.
Thank you so much for sharing your great design concepts
and your love of paper with others! You are an inspiration.
the packaging and identity of your products ties in so well.
Katie, Omaha NE

December, 2004

It's been about a month since I've received my journal but I
just wanted to let you know I've never been so thrilled with a
package. The wrapping, labeling, note and journal was so well
designed. I just love it! I'm a graphic designer who has been
presented and interested in book arts and I have taken some
classes so I can especially appreciate your fine craft that
goes into making such items. It's truly incredible. Thank you
so much for putting such care and love into this product. My
journal is already well loved and many friends and family are
admiring it already Thank you and keep up the wonderful work
you're doing! Jinger, Ventura CA

I bought the Journey Notebook for my girlfriend and she
absolutely loves it. She thinks it's beautiful and is afraid to write
in it even. I think all your stuff is great. I might have to get some
more soon. Thanks! Ed, Oradell NJ

Your address cards & holder arrived in my mail box yesterday.
Its absolutely fantastic - way better than Id expected. The
attention to detail is wonderful Its a really high quality product
Im thrilled to have on my desk. It was truly worth the long wait.
Thanks so much, Oonagh, Los Angeles CA

November, 2004

I have to thank you for this wonderful adress file, that arrived
this morning. I was looking forward for it since i ordered it
and now i am so proud. its the best thing ever taking place
on my table. and it makes my working day so much better. I
dont find words for that really lovely thing. Thanks a lot. Have
a nice day with many regards from germany. Dorit, Germany

October, 2004

Just received your gorgeous address file. I can't offer a word of
improvement. It's extremely well made and makes me happy
everytime I use it. Great job! Carrie, Oak Park IL

Thank you for my order! I love the stationary. I am able to
personalize every letter I send. It makes it so special knowing
that you made my order just for me. Katie, Silverthorne CO

I received my address file and love it, and everyone who's seen
it loves it. Thank you! Summer, Pacifica CA

September, 2004

I am so pleased with the address file I ordered from you. It is
very unique. I will definitely be ordering more products from you.
Thank you - Donna, Blue Springs MO

Thanks again for making such beautiful things. I care very much
for the environment, so I try and adhere to the philosophy of
reuse, reduce, recycle. Thus, I love the concept of making things
out of "found objects." Please keep making your beautiful books
and paper products and spreading these lovely things throughout
the world. Emily, Denver CO

Hi! I have received my red journey book. I love it!! I am willing
to start writing on it. Please keep on making such beautiful things.
Regards, Carmen, Madrid Spain

I just want you to know that the maple address file is beautiful.
I love it! Next, a silly question -- do people write their addresses
right on the cards or do they label them? The cards are so cool,
I hate to write on them! Elena, Hyde Park, VT

I got my wonderful +30 pack today and its adorable. i almost don't
know what to do with it because i have so many ideas! thank you
so much for being great and all, Joanna, Havertown PA

August, 2004

The address file arrived yesterday. It is even more special than
I imagined from the description in Real Simple Magazine. And it
looks wonderful on my desk. Thank you so much for sending the
details about paying with a money order. It made it easier for
me. And for getting the order filled so quickly. Now the work
begins for me as I fill in the blanks... I am one very satisfied
customer. Thanks again, Beth

Thank you very much for your amazing product. I ordered the
far away/i miss you type envelopes & stationary and love them.
Thank you for your craftsmanship & care. Your name is very
appropriate. Thanks!!! Kristin

I love the address file! It's fabulous. Love the packaging tape
you use. Thanks so much! The map file cards are my favorite!
Thanks! Katy, Auburndale MA

I just wanted to let you know that I love my address file! I
bought the other two items for my dad, and I'm sure he loves
them i also use it daily... I have a fortune from a fortune cookie
that I have saved for quite a while, It is kinda corny but says it
all: Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it (maybe only
the lucky few!) Thanks! Nicole, Highland Lakes NJ

I received the file today and I am absolutely delighted with it.
What a delightful little file, and just perfect for my desk. I can't
wait to calligraph addresses on the little cards... It was definately
worth the wait and the price. It is beautifully handcrafted...
Thanks so much! Andrea, Durham NH

I just got my journals, and they're great!! I'm having a hard
time deciding which one to keep and which one to give as a
gift. Best of luck, and I'm sure I'll order again.
Kate, San Francisco CA

i got the journal yesterday, thanks so much!!! it's so beautiful
it's almost a shame to muck it all up with my drawing and
writing! jill, San Francisco CA

July, 2004

The day I got your packages I was very tired from work but
as soon as I saw it waiting on my door step I felt like a kid
looking at his birthday present! The packages arrived fine and
the address file looks beautiful on my desk. Thank you,
Beatrice, San Francisco CA

June, 2004

I received my address file today and I love it. It was certainly
worth the wait, I have wanted one since I saw it in Real Simple
magazine months ago. I found another gift for my sister and I
am keeping this for myself! Thanks again for the excellent
service... the customer service at your organization is really
fabulous! Debbie, Franklin MA

Just wanted to let you know that I received my package
yesterday safe and sound. I absolutely love the address file
-- it's so great! I can't wait to show it off to my friends
and family. What a terrific idea for keeping all my loved ones
close by (and organized to boot!!). Thanks again for creating
such a beautiful piece. Cathy, Red Deer Alberta

Thank you so much for your care with packing this gift! I
just heard from my friend and she was delighted at recieving
it, mentioning that not only did she love the book itself, but
was also delighted by the neat packaging. So I just wanted to
write and say THANKS for making it such a wonderful gift -
inside and out! Amy, New York NY

Thank you for the note. I received my package the other day.
It looks great! I am excited to transfer my address info to it.
You have great product! Melissa, Rockaway NJ

May, 2004

I recieved my journey book and my pocket book today - I LUV
THEM! Thanks and keep up the exquisite work.
Amie, Beverly Hills CA

I finally received my rolodex and love it!! How about a recipe
file -- the cards would have to be bigger, and it would be
cool to have a plastic or wood cover!! Thanks! Joan, Bend OR

I received my journal book yesterday! It's just beautiful. I
can still smell the adhesive in the pages. It will certainly
bring me much joy! I have searched for the perfect journal
and I have finally found it! Stacy, Redondo Beach CA

April, 2004

I just wanted to let you know I got my rolodex today, thank
you! It's wonderful! Lisa, Santa Cruz CA

I received my red pocketbook earlier this week and love it!
Although it's hard for me to actually write in it, I've
dedicated it for use as my product development journal for
my business, and have already made some notes ~ in pencil.
I adore your designs... Take care and keep the great stuff
coming. Cindy, Woodside NY

February, 2004

Thanks for sharing such a clever product with the world...
It is always nice (and increasingly rare these days) to buy
something that is quality-made, and judging by how busy and
successful things are with you these days, I'm sure success
couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Quinn, Toronto ON

January, 2004

I just wanted to send you a note to say how beautiful and
inspiring your work is... Your website, projects and hand-made
objects are truly lovely! All the best! Noelle, London ON

2003 + Beyond

The books you make are perfect. I'm boggled by how much
perfection you can perfectly squeeze between two perfect,
hand-bound covers. I know you want your books to be used,
but I'm still waiting for the perfect event to bless the pages
with a few pen strokes. Until then, I will continue to admire
the pages unsullied by my scrawling. Norman, Toronto ON

My red journey book on its arrival immediately became a
beloved keepsake, used to house my most important "scraps"
of memory in between its lovely pages. Only my finest
memories and ephemera will deserve to rest inside this
wonderfully crafted book! Our maple address file fills both
roles of decor and functional object with simple elegance.
Each unique piece of recycled paper in the file has become a
friend, aiding us daily in contacting those we care most about.
File this under: "perfect". Gregory, Los Angeles CA

Since I take great pride in my work, I would love to know
what you think! Kindly send a note with your thoughts
to feedback@lovelydesign.com. All feedback is greatly
appreciated. Thank-you!

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